Coaching thoughts

A very good book about leadership is The weekly coaching conversations by Brian Souza, which is an interesting tale about an experienced leader with sports coaching background and a brand new frontline manager who has no clue on what he’s supposed to do to motivate his team.

The main takeaway I found in this book is this:


For an old school manager working in a highly bureaucratic environment this could present an unrealistic scenario, and he might even say that this can only be done in a person’s church. However, in his book Souza makes a great point when he states that an employee who comes to work feeling frustrated, unmotivated , unappreciated, unimportant or sad will be improductive, and working like every day will likely have a bad effect in her family.

We like to say that family and business are separate, but we cannot switch on and off our brain or our feelings. Putting the interests of our fellow teammates ahead of ours will be always a win-win proposition, but is usually easier to say it, the hard part is to do it. Caring for others will always take care of ourselves and there are many examples of that.

It’s better to be a leader without a title… than just having just a title.




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