Is your kid excited to go back to school?

If it’s up to our kids, they would love to stay at home, having a good time, playing games, going places at any time of any day, or maybe just doing nothing. Some kids think school should not exist, due to multiple reasons they can come up with, and based on their own perspective.

Some kids attend summer classes, or camps, or supplemental online courses that keep their brains absorbing knowledge. This kind of kids will not experience the uphill of the first days or weeks when they go back to school.

Let’s remember that the brain gets stronger with use. Although some games nowadays are very challenging, and force kids to use their creativity and cognitive skills, the methodical aspect of the regular classes is something that needs to keep happening, for the sake of compliance with the school curricula. Having a regular time to deal with reading, problem solving and conscious reasoning is important for the student to avoid a steep re-adapting period. Just two or thee hours per week of “school” work while on vacation is enough to accomplish that.

Returning to classes can be dreadful or fun, depending on how balanced the school break is approached. Having the kids doing something light, but close to the type of work they will face when school starts again, will give them confidence, and maybe even they will be anxious to go back.

And let’s remember, our kids’ education is not the responsibility of the school system, it’s ours!

Let’s keep learning…


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