Out of the comfort zone

Change is never easy. When the question asked is: do you like change? pretty much everybody says “yes”. However, when the question is: who wants to change?, not everybody responds with an affirmation.

Change is uncomfortable, stressful, and nerve-wrecking. But it is also exciting, motivating, it creates new opportunities, new ventures, and sometimes new life.

I’m going myself thru some changes that are pushing me out of my comfort zone. In the past I have followed the rules of the system: get an education, get a job, go up the corporate ladder, and retire someday.

But this kind of journey does not work in the current environment, where jobs are not abundant, and the existing ones are full of challenges with nothing guaranteed. It’s simply a rat race without significant benefits for the majority of the employees. It’s good for those who are willing to “go the extra mile”: work 12 or more hours a day, leverage corporate politics, knock down those who get in your way and, the most important, please your boss no matter what.

Maybe this is not the norm, but definitively is very common among many “success” stories. This kind of rhythm doesn’t leave much left for other important things in life, and the consequences will show at some point in time, unequivocally.

I’ve tried several times to get out of the rat race, but it’s not easy, although I’ve learned a lot. I’m now embarking on a new venture, as a side project, that is pushing me out of the normal routine. Maybe it will work or not, but the learning lessons are awesome, totally worth it.

We can always complain about our lack of success, if we have tried new things… but we cannot complain if we keep doing the same thing over and over… because the result will be the same.

And if we have tried and failed, the right thing to do is move on to something new, and make the best out of the lessons learned.

I’m sure I’ll be sharing my success soon, and would love to learn about yours too!


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