The power of gratitute

It’s easy to express gratitude for a nice word being said to us, or an action that represents any kind of  benefit, or a favor that requires no payback. It’s human nature to be thankful, for both the basic things in life, or the bigger ones beyond our underlying needs.

The challenge emerges when we face problems, opposition, failure or setbacks. If such circumstances are beyond our control and we cannot blame ourselves or other people, a common reaction is to ask: Why me? What did I do to deserve this? When am I going to get a break? Why do bad things happen to good people? And the list goes on…

A similar situation can happen when a young person is constrained by the boundaries set by their parents. When we grow up, we start developing a desire of independence, which is usually tilted towards having more privileges, and opposed to acquiring additional responsibilities. And then the same kind of situation happens: young people complaining about their “horrible” dilemma.

A positive approach to all this is to look at things in retrospective and analyze which lessons we learn from every challenging situation. Within all the unpleasant time and discomfort that this might bring on to us, we must recognize that many of the “bad” situations or restrictions were there for our benefit, or protection.

Let’s image that we are put in a house with metallic bars in the windows and doors. We might feel like we are in a prison, right?

Now imagine that we hear a load roar somewhere outside this house. Maybe what we considered a prison now it feels like a safe place.

All our challenges, problems, adversities, setbacks or failures, represent our journey towards a life of constant achievement, where we are solving life problems and becoming more savvy, to the point that we can help others. And giving such help is the ultimate expression of unselfish learning that usually helps us to be grateful about our struggles, our worthy journey, our self-carved accomplishments. An even though we pretty much always get some kind of help, we can always say… “thank you” life, for helping me get to this point… and I’m ready for more.

Be grateful. I am grateful for your comments, regardless of their kind.


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