Some mindset authors propose that we all have a 6-year old child in our minds that is always telling us the worst things about ourselves, and such child sometimes governs our actions as a result of us paying too much attention to what he has to say. Here are some of the thoughts that keep us from being successful. You might relate to one or more. The key is to think differently, and to push that 6-year child away from you.


When something is truly important to you, you will always have time. Sometimes 5 minutes makes a big difference.

  • 5 minutes of daily cardio exercise will help you lose about half pound per week, or 26 pounds after a year!
  • 5 minutes of daily reading will help you boost your brain power, avoid Alzheimer, improve your empathy, reduce stress and to fall asleep.
  • 5 minutes of household chores (if you don’t do this already) help you increase productivity (making your bed), make you proud about your house been clean, lower nervousness (washing dishes) and even can get you a nice tan (working in the front or backyard).

Do you have 5 minutes?



In today’s economy, a hundred dollars is enough to plant the seeds for future wealth. If you have 100 dollars to invest in a promising company, you can reserve a seat at the table for when such company becomes a big success. There are many feasible ways to get into that world. It’s just a matter of changing the mindset to understand that having resources doesn’t mean having millions or even thousands of dollars. With just a few hundreds, you can create financial assets for the years to come.
Websites like Republic, Wefunder and others provide a plethora of opportunities to invest in companies for as little as 50 dollars.
You should invest in what aligns to your risk appetite. I’m not a financial advisor, nor I claim to be one, and you must understand that there’s a chance that you might lose your investment entirely. For business opportunities that require more financial resources, there are also strategies that can help, like reaching out to family members and friends, or using lines of credit that allow you to get started. The same risk principles apply here, and risk management is a critical piece that you need to consider.
To lack resources is different from being resourceful. Starting a business requires a lot of creativity and sometimes the road will be bumpy or with zigzags, but that’s what entrepreneurs must be able to face to achieve the success they want.


With the right motivation, everything is possible!
Back in time, during a country’s revolution, there was a train being used to displace people to a distant point. Here’s the conversation between a Sargent and the Colonel:

Sargent: Sr., we’re trying to fit all the people into the 10 train cars, but we have filled all of them and we still have enough people for three more cars. What do we do?

Colonel: Go back and announce that anybody who can’t fit in the train will be fusilladed!
After a few hours, the Sargent comes back.

Colonel: Well?

Sargent: Sr., after I delivered your message, all the people could fit in the train and now we have three empty cars!

Difficult is a state of mind. When we change our minds from saying “I can’t” to “how can I do this?”, the possibilities are endless.


Life is not fair. Life is hard. The sooner you swallow this pill, the sooner you will be focusing on your goal, even when nobody believes in you. Here are some examples of people that faced opposition, but ended up been a great success:
Steve Jobs, ousted from the company he founded, came back and turned it into one of the biggest companies in history. Its products are not cheap, but its huge audience is an example of the power of influence. Jobs did not solve a problem but instead created a need that people didn’t know they had.
Thomas Edison, who is credited appropriately for inventing the light bulb, spent all his time isolated (with help from an assistant) due to the rejection of society. That did not matter to him, he was determined to fulfill his goal of being an inventor. The rest… you know it…
Michael Jordan was rejected by his High School team and even though he came back and proved himself in college, the team that had the first chance to draft him went for another player instead. Jordan is now known as the greatest basketball player in history. Every player that shows great talent is always unequivocally compared to Jordan. He has become the bar, and will continue to be, for many years to come. I don’t think the name Sam Bowie rings a bell on this.
There are other examples, of not so known people, whose accomplishments are not measured in millions of dollars or magnificent impact throughout the world, but still those examples are above average, because they are making something out of nothing, they show resiliency where others see defeat. They see opportunity where others see a roadblock. They constantly learn (like you, right now) while others just scroll… up and down.
Support is important, but it’s not a deal breaker. If your dream is big enough and scares you enough, you’ll make it real, with support or without it.


At some point in the journey there will be setbacks, some small, some big. There will be times when the burden and the pressure appear insurmountable. Here’s where the breakthrough zone is, the ultimate test to your character, your resiliency and your willingness to push thru towards the end. It’s where the fighters persist and the quitters are forgotten, where the successful people rise above the average people, where the comfort zone is behind to allow your passion flourish, where learning good habits pays dividends and unlearning bad habits save you from going back to your old self.

You will fail… you bet! But your mindset is a powerful tool that can make you stronger than you think and will help to swim instead of sinking.
I’m here to help you, if you allow me to.
I wish you the best of success, because you are awesome!


Alejandro Clavel is an entrepreneur, mindset and career coach with 20+ years of experience coaching and mentoring young and seasoned professionals. He lives in Middletown, OH with his wife and his kids. He can be contacted at alejandro@alejandroclavel.com

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