The things we don’t know

It’s not the things we don’t know what keeps us from being great. It’s the things that we know that get in the way.

It’s the old ideas, the old mentality… the “normal” way of doing things. Those are the things that we carry throughout life that are so hard to shake up.

Sometimes even the idea of looking for a better job does not sit well in the mind of some people. They think that a person must stay in the same job for life.

And that can apply to business as well. We cannot stay in a business model after we have realized that things are not working out. We either need to make changes or move on to something different.

I’m sure you know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

If we analyze the success of some people who have accomplished great things, we invariably marvel when learning about the great ideas and results they produced.

But the facts that I want to emphasize here are these: they did not follow a typical or “normal” way of doing things, they did not try to fit in the culture of “if ain’t broken don’t fix it”, they did not quit when they failed but instead used every failure to become better.

And above all those, they are not different from you or me. They were not born gifted or superior to anybody. They only have been exercising the same potential that also lives within you or me.

They followed their passion and consistently put time and effort to walk their own path, which translated into creating value and into serving others. They defined their own destiny and eventually arrived at the promised land that they visualized for themselves.

Every castle is built by putting the first stone and then the next one until a majestic fortress stands tall and beautiful.

You can also build your castle. It’s just a matter of putting the first stone.

Have a great day!

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